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Orderino – is an online software that helps organize work on customers orders efficiently, spend less time and gain more insights on how things are going using built-in analytics tool

How Orderino may help your business?

Orderino is helpful if you need work with

01. Orders

Or various applications, requests, appeals, tasks, projects, objects, plans

02. Customers

Or dealers, partners, clients, users, residents, tenants

03. Products and Services

Or warehouses, receipts and expenses, categories, groups, locations, statuses

04. Employees

Managers, performers, packers, couriers

05. Analytics and reports

What, who, when, for how much and for how long

06. Documents

Generating documents according to your templates with your data

07. Integrations and API

SMS, Messengers, Payments

08. Notifications and Reminders

Change of status, payment terms, contract duration, etc.

No restrictions on the number of clients, orders, employees and additional fields. Pay monthly

Industry solutions

Orderino provides pre-configured solutions for various business areas

Productions and factories

Manufacturing enterprises use Orderino to generate a contract, track the volume of fulfillment, packaging and delivery of products to customers, and also accept orders for products from customers in the form of an Excel application and generate an order based on it

Freelancers and entrepreneurs

Freelancers and entrepreneurs who perform services for clients use Orderino to manage their orders and clients, track order payment status, accept client payments online via PayPal, and invoice clients for online payments.

Shopping delivery companies

Orderino is popular among companies for the purchase and delivery of goods. The company's clients send from their personal account links to goods that need to be purchased and delivered with online payment for services. Upon arrival of the purchase, customers receive an SMS

Printing companies

They use Orderino to accept orders through the website, organize the storage of documents for orders, repeat previous orders and receive payment online. Also in Orderino they instruct courier employees to deliver completed work to clients

Service and repair shops

For repair and service workshops, Orderino provides the ability to receive and transmit repair requests to specialists, maintain a warehouse with automatic write-off or return of items in stock, print various documents and SMS notification of readiness

Online stores

Stores use Orderino to organize the reception, fulfillment and delivery of customer orders, notify customers about changes in order status via SMS, generate the necessary documents and track sales dynamics both in general and for specific product items, customers, and employees

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“Thank you for your work - you help us a lot!”

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