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Orderino - is an online software that helps organize work on customers orders efficiently, spend less time and gain more insights on how things are going using built-in analytics tool

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Looks interesting, can I do something else?

Sure, we asked our customers and they highlighted the following most used features:

Send Invoice and get paid via PayPal

Each order or invoice can be paid by your customers through PayPal integration. It's easiest to get paid and track order payment

Dropbox and Google Drive

You can attach to each order documents from your dropbox or google drive folder and even upload new ones to it.

Google Calendar Integration

Each order is sent to performer's google calendar so he will have list of orders to perform in his mobile device everywhere.

Flexible Orders Notifications

Orderino allows to notify customers and employees about changes in orders via SMS or Email using pre-defined templates.

Contracts Generating Tool

Very often our clients have to generate contracts based on order and send it to customer. Orderino allows you to upload template of your contract with placeholders that will be replaced by customer data and items from order

Visual and Clear Analytics

Thanks to this nice feature our customers see in seconds how company KPI are growing or changing in process of time, how employees work etc

Visual Sales Pipeline

In a few clicks you may pivot your orders from table view to pipeline view and drag and drop orders cards like in pocker game

Custom Order Attributes

To personalize Orderino for your business domain you may add as many custom order attributes like "Lead Source", "Tracking number" etc and use them on order view, edit and search

Web-site integration

You can get orders into Orderino right from your web-site with instant sms and email notification to you and customer. All you have to do - is to embed order form widget into your web-page

Orders Assignments

In Orderino it's easy to view who is working on order, when it should be completed, is this order in delay and items that order includes

Flexible Product Options

You may add custom options to your products and quickly find required products in seconds

Flexible Customer Options

Custom options can be assigned to customers as well, like "customer birthday", "preferred colors" or "lead source"


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